Gian and Fidji's Prenuptial Location Suggestions

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Here are some spectacular places for your Engagement Session (E-Session) or basically known as Pre-Nuptial Pictorial. Prices that you will see here is only according to our research, you can check and get updates of their prices by getting in touch with them.

1. The Greenery (Bulacan) – P3000.00 (including electricity fee)
2. The Lakeshore (Pampanga) – P2000.00 / P500 is Consumable
3. Intramuros (Manila) – P2000.00
4. Paco Park (Manila) – P2,000.00
5. Jardin de Miramar (Manila)– P3,500
7. Tagaytay Highlands (Tagaytay) – P5,000.00, need a sponsoring member
8. Manila Ocean Park – P5,000.00
9. Waterfront Boardwalk (Subic Olongapo)
10. Triboa Bay Mangrove Park (Subic Olongapo)
11. Clear Water (Clarkfield Pampanga) – P3,000.00
12. Nurture Spa (Tagaytay)
13. Picnic Groove (Tagaytay)
14. Japanse Garden (Laguna)
15. Caliraya (Laguna)
16. Majayjay Falls (Laguna)
16. Calirana (Laguna)
17. Acquatico Beach Resort (Batangas) – P1,575 per person / Day Trip with use of Cabana
18. Corregidor
19. Pearl Farm Resort (Samal)
20. Baguio City
21 Coron, Palawan
21. Bulabog Beach, Boracay
22. Bohol Beaches
23. Punta Fuego (Batangas)
24. Lago de Loro (Batangas) – Wakeboarding
25. Camsur Watersport Complex a.k.a. CWC (Camarines Sur) – Wakeboarding
26. U.P. Los Baños (Laguna)
27. Biak na Bato (Bulacan)
28. The Farm / San Benito
29. Nurture Spa Tagaytay
30. El Kabayo – Subic Freeport Zone – P500.00
31. Zoobic Safari – Entrance Fees
32. Bali Bali Beach Resort Davao City
33. BUDA – Bukidonon – Davao Boundary, don’t forget to dine in at seagull’s gas station restaurant! the food is great!
34. Caylabne – Cavite – P3,500.00
35. Fantasy Island – Batangas
36. Anawangin Zambales
37. Balai Isabel – Batangas – P500 per head
38. Casa San Pablo –
39. Las Casas Filipinas – Bataan –
40. Thunderbird Resorts Philippines – Rizal and Poro Point –
41. Hacienda Isabella –

NEARBY PLACES (Permits Needed – Contact their Head Offices)

1. La Mesa Eco Park (Quezon City) – P40 Q.C. Residents / P50 for regular guests (Boating, Zip Line, Nature Tripping, PicNic Setting)
2. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife – Good for Sunset Shoots, Walk in Park
3. Quezon City Circle – Sport Activities
4. Eastwood City (Quezon City) – Hollywood Inspired Theme
5. Serendra / Bonifacio High Street – (Global City) – Elegant Theme
6. University of the Philippines (Quezon City) – Nature, Trees, Greens
7. Bonsai Garden (Quezon City, U.P. Diliman) – Plants, Bonsai, Greens
8. Pinto Art Gallery (Antipolo City) – Art Galleries
9. Lore Land Resort (Antipolo City) – Swimming, Sports Activites
10. Fernwood Gardens (Quezon City) – P5,000.00 – Garden, Vines, Trees
11. Harbor View – Sunset
12. The Orchidarium (Rizal Park)
13. Butterfly Pavilion (Rizal Park)
12. Island Cove (Cavite)
13. The Secret Garden (Novaliches)
14. PACEM Eco Park (Antipolo City)
15. Avilon Zoo (Montalban)
16. Overlooking Views (Antipolo City) – You can take photos when dining in.
17. The Heirloom Manila – P5,000.00 – Garden, Art Gallery, House Setting.
18. MMLDC – Meralco Antipolo – P1,500 including use of facilities or Meralco Ortigas
19. Villa Christina – Antipolo
10. The Enchanted Kingdom – P3,500. plus entrance fees of Couple/Photographer/Crew (we’re 4 if photo only / 5 to 6 if with prenup video)
11. Stone House Bed and Breakfast, QC.
12. Light of Love event place
13. The Filling Station, Makati City – Application/Permission Letter required. P5,000.00 prenup fee. Good for Vintage Theme
14. Pan de Amerikana – Marikina City
15. The Heirloom Manila – P5,000.00
16. Pasig Rainforest – if you’re in pasig area. just a note: Too many people, and beyond 5pm.. too many mosquitoes.
17. The Mango Farm – Sumulong Hiway, Antipolo
18. Alpadi Estate, Antipolo City – P3,000.00
19. North Harbor and South Harbor
20. Binondo, Manila
21. Manila Post Office
22. PAF Villamor Air Base / PAF museum – P1,000.00

1. Gym
2. Resorts
3. Sports Complex
4. Club House
5. Own Home
6. Own Garden
7. Street Photography
8. Wet Market
9. Warehouse
10. Bar
11. Construction Sites/Areas
12. Super Market/Grocery
13. School Setting
14. Office Setting
15. Inside a Plane/Bus/Train/Cruise Ship or any kind of ship
16. MOTEL – Victoria Court has lots of fantasy rooms that may match your theme.

1. Victoria’s Peak / Peak Tram
3. Hong Kong Cultural Center
4. Nathan Road
5. HK Disneyland
6. Ocean Park
7. HK Night Market

Thanks for Visiting

1. Medieval Theme
2. Spanish Era
3. Modern Glamour
4. Computer Game theme ex. Lara Croft, Resident Evil theme
5. 4 Seasons theme

1. We suggest the couple to sleep early – Prenup pictorial is tiring, we capture prenup the whole day specially those have concepts. You need a lot of energy so you need at least 8 hours of sleep
2. Bring Bottled Water – with proper hydration, you can easily think fast and will avoid some headaches due to heat.
3. Bring a Personal Assistant – bringing with you a personal assistant is a big convenience (a relative or a house member will do) , he/she can carry and protect your Bag, Clothes, Water etc. during our shoot
4. Cut your finger nails / Nail Art – sometimes couples are too busy specially the groom, cut your finger nail before the schedule prenup, we capture in detail, you don’t want to see dirt on finger nails during some cheezy moments, like holding hands, hands on shoulders and etc. For the bride, we suggest to put sa simple nail polish with color motif or any neutral color that will match to the clothes that you will be wearing. A nail art or design is superb.
5. Proper clothing for the theme – In Gian and Fidji’s studio, we already talked about this on Pre-shoot meeting. All clothing and props must be ready and complete on the day of the prenup. there will be an added impact to the theme if proper clothing/props are applied. ex. How do you become Luke Sky Walker if you don’t have the proper costume and accessories? / How do you become HULK if you’re not green.
6. Be creative on Choosing Props – Props production is very expensive specially if you want a unique prenup theme, we suggest if you can improvise, borrow and use what is available to help establish the desired theme. You don’t have to buy if you don’t have a budget, use your creativity or contact your friends if they can help you.
7. Clothes – you don’t have to buy as well, you can borrow or rent
8. Makeup Artist – We suggest to have your makeup before going to the agreed prenup pictorial time. Photoimagicraft by Gian and Fidji has a Makeup department, Coloura™ ART by Gian and Fidji. A traditional makeup will cost you P2,000.00 (MAC/KRYOLAN) for the whole day (exclusive for gian and fidji clients only) including retouches. for Airbrush and Theatrical Makeup please contact Gian and Fidji.

God Bless!

For those who requested some sample photos of each locations.. Here’s some of our works.
I’ll try to find them on our archives as well. Thanks for Visiting Photoimagicraft by Gian and Fidji


julian and phoebe save the date
A Bedroom Scene at Villa Christina Antipolo – It’s up to your photographer on how will they light the situation. Our Bride Phoebe is looking on something.. Find what it is after their wedding day! :)

Julian and Phoebe Save the Date
A Top View Shot by me at Villa Christina Resort, Antipolo – I love the pine tree here, it gives a different setting.. looks like shot in Tagaytay but in Antipolo, It’s up to your photographer on how he will maximize the area where you will be shooting.

My favorite theme park to shoot, Make sure your photographer is low light camera and lens capable and able to use wireless strobes for that magical feel!
here are some snaps by me and my wife. for more photos visit this page: Ryan and Rochelle’s Enchanted Kingdom

Ryan and Rochelle Prenup0066
Enchanted Kingdom
Here’s one of my favorite shot in taken Enchanted Kingdom

Ryan and Rochelle Prenup ports0030
Here’s another shot in Enchanted Kingdom

MMLDC, Antipolo City

For the price of P1,500.00 it is already a steal, Drive away to Antipolo!, It’s also up to your Photographer and Concept to maximize MMLDC.
Here are some samples shot by me and my wife, to view more photos Click here: Mike and Ira’s MMLDC

Mike and Ira Landscape0126


PICNIC GROOVE, Tagaytay City

Picnic Grove II

Either you met on your grade school years or you love your school so much :) We’ve shot this couple on their school, because they met there in Grade School.
here are some snaps by me and my wife. Not an easy execution, this will depend on you and your photographer’s concepts, maximize the school’s important highlights and favorite location :) Turn back time! :)

Doy and Diana 1



Well this is the most photographed park located in Quezon City. Some Photographers may say “GAS GAS NA”, but this location is very helpful for us, specially those couples that doesn’t want to go far. Ecopark Fused with a nice concept is great. I cant even count or remember the numerous prenups that we photographed here :) here are some snaps by me and my wife.

Hus-Band and Wife

Wide Shot landscape

Yellow little thing DOF

Page 10

Page 17


An hour drive from Balintawak to NLEX.. must have been shorter if there are no speed radar detectors :), Here’s a nice venue for prenups and music video shoot as well.
here’s a teaser debut video of Arianne by me and my wife. There are no restaurants within lakeshore, you need to go to the nearest petron station.. you don’t need to
go out of the free way again, just ask directions from the guard or the receptionist.

here are some prenup photos

Pre-Nuptial Photos - Franc and Lady

Pre-Nuptial Photos - Franc and Lady

Pre-Nuptial Photos - Franc and Lady

Pre-Nuptial Photos - Franc and Lady

Binondo Manila

You will find great locations here. Either historical or Themed prenup like Chinese love stories like this photo that we’ve shot in Ongpin.

watch their save the date video here:

Jun and Cynthia 2

ILL BE UPDATING THE PHOTOS If I have time again, Thanks for viewing – Gian :)

  • eeserjose19

    Hi po, I’d like to ask kung san ang naging place of preparation nyo nung nagphotoshoot kayo sa La Mesa Eco Park? Been searching for near by hotels pero wala ata. We don’t have our own car pa naman. :(

  • gianvc

    Hello eeserjose19. pwede kayo mag prep doon sa lobby ng ecopark. meron mga saksakan doon for the makeup artist.