Pre-Wedding Photos - Raffy and Khaye

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Photos by Gian and Fidji
Save the Date Teaser – Shot/Edited/Directed by Gian Cayetano

Not all locations need fees but you need to ask permission specially if it is a private place. The couple discovered the place
by themselves and asked us what we can do and shoot with these kind of location. Here are some of our favourite shots on our 12 hour
pre-wedding session from DUSK-Til-Dawn :)

Photos in Coloura™ Color by Gian and Fidji

Raffy and Khaye 19

Raffy and Khaye 18

Raffy and Khaye 10

Raffy and Khaye 4

Raffy and Khaye 3

Raffy and Khaye 6

Raffy and Khaye 5

Raffy and Khaye 8

Raffy and Khaye 7

Raffy and Khaye 32

Raffy and Khaye 20

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1195

Raffy and Khaye 9

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1238

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1174

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1390

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1298

Raffy and Khaye 21

Raffy and Khaye 22

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1275

Raffy and Khaye 11

Raffy and Khaye 13

Raffy and Khaye 14

Raffy and Khaye 15

Raffy and Khaye 12

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1547

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-2766

Raffy and Khaye 23

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1442

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1754


Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1762


Raffy and Khaye 24

Raffy and Khaye 25

Raffy and Khaye 26

Raffy and Khaye 30

Raffy and Khaye 27

Raffy and Khaye 17

Raffy and Khaye 16

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-2886

Raffy and Khaye 28

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-3035

Raffy and Khaye 29

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-1611

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-3241

Raffy and Khaye 31

Raffy and Khaye 33

Raffy and Khaye 34

Raffy and Khaye Prenup-3213


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Pre-Wedding Photos - Nitoy and Pola

10 years ago, Nitoy and Pola crossed paths in the least romantic place — the steel manufacturing company they both worked in. Handling operations planning, he coordinated orders and deliveries with her, who was assigned in the sales back office. Their daily negotiations soon extended past business matters and they started to spend more time with each other.

Their friendship blossomed but Pola had to leave for the US. Distance did not keep them apart, however, and they continued to be constantly in touch for the next 6 months until she went home. Their relationship continued to deepen and, unbeknownst to all, they got engaged in 2005.

Perhaps they had more lessons to learn as individuals and they never reached the altar then. Nitoy left to start a new life in Dubai while Pola continued to pursue her career in Manila. The friendship never really ebbed though, thanks to phone calls, texts, chats and emails; they also went out every time he visited the Philippines. On a very memorable trip in 2012 — with the help of their friends who helped them realize they were meant for each other – Nitoy & Pola were finally back in each other’s arms.

People say the best foundation of love is friendship. Others believe real love stands the test of time and distance. Everyone knows love lasts especially with the support of family and friends… Nitoy and Pola’s long-standing history holds all these.

They didn’t just find romance in that least romantic place 10 years ago – they built a bond stronger than steel that never rusted through time. Theirs may not be a typical whirlwind fairy tale but no one can ever doubt theirs is a story of what enduring true love is all about.

Their wedding vows on March 3, 2013 mark the beginning of their official lifetime together but Nitoy and Pola’s ever-after had started a long time ago.

Since they met in the steel manufacturing plant it just made sense to mark the beginning of their life by going back to the place where everything all started.

Here’s their Pre-Wedding Photos by Gian and Fidji

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2254

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2317

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 12

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 11

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 10

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 9

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 8

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 7

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 6

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 4

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 5

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 2 copy

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 3

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2118

Nitoy and Paula Prenup 1

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2401

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2804

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2845

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2790

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2205

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2703

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-2609

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-3685

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-3674

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-3641

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-3842

Nitoy and Paula Prenup-3864

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