Destination Wedding: Calapan, Mindoro: Jessie and Early

Destination: Calapan Mindoro, We left manila the day before their wedding, loaded our crew van with all of the equipments and take the early morning roro trip to mindoro at batangas port. It takes about 2 hours travel. While in the roro we roam around, relax and enjoyed the morning sea breeze on the entire trip. We’ve shot their prenup pictorial after resting. People in Calapan were very hospitable, since our time is limited, after the prenup were not able to roam around the city in preparation for the wedding day to have enough sleep and energy, so we headed back to Sto. Nino Cathedral’s dorm (where we stayed) so we can sleep early. The preparation was held at the oldest hotel in Calapan, The Filipiniana Hotel. We gathered the accessories and instead of shooting the wedding details inside the hotel room, we went to the poolside and shot everything from there (nice ambient light ang garden). All the wedding details are prepared and handcrafted by the groom himself and mostly their styling, like those big initial letters, cheese grater giveaways and more. Jessie and Early works in the middle east and baking is one of Jessie’s hobby, with utmost creativity and passion in doing cakes (like ours in photography and videography) he was able to gain clients on his cake masterpieces during their weekends :) You may want to check out their instagram for some cake inspirations at

Church: Sto. Niño Cathedral, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Reception: Filipiniana Hotel – Calapan
Coordinator: Angela Aquino
Sounds and Lights: In-house Lights & Sounds
Emcee: Chavit Zulueta
Singers/Bands: In-house
Cake: Balbuena Centerpiece
Gown: Ohanna Ella Collections
Catering: Halcon’s Bar and Resto
Hair and Makeup: Dennis Basilan
Photo: Gian and Fidji
Video: Gian and Fidji

You can watch their SDE here:
The SDE is simple, full of moments, and straightforward that summarizes the whole celebration of their wedding.

SDE – Jessie and Erly – June 27, 2013 from gian cayetano on Vimeo.

Jessie and Early 20

Jessie and Early 21

Jessie and Early 22

Jessie and Early 18

Jessie and Early 19

Jessie and Early 16

Jessie and Early 17


Jessie and Early 13

Jessie and Early 15

Jessie and Early 12

Jessie and Early 10

Jessie and Early 8

Jessie and Early 9

Jessie and Early 6

Jessie and Early 7

Jessie and Early 5


Jessie and Early 4



Jessie and Early 1


Jessie and Early 3
























Jessie and Early 24


Jessie and Early 23









Jessie and Early 25

Jessie and Early 27



Jessie and Early 26









Pre-Wedding Photos - Jon and Rachel

Do you know what are the main recipes for a successful pre-wedding photo/video shoot? It’s “Teamwork and Cooperation”. During our conceptualization meeting, we finalized everything, from time and day of shoot, location logistics, props to use, contingencies like Plan A and B and so on.. If we are shooting more than one location we need to shot it more or less 2 days to give ample time for the Photography and Videography, so all concepts planned should be captured and lay down into the storyline without forgetting something.. With the teamwork (Photo+Video Team) and cooperation (couple) and by following the plan rigorously, the shoot turns out well (no shortcomings), with some changes of course because of some circumstances like time constraints and the weather :)

Jon and Rachel is a very fun couple to photograph!, with lots of energy and their wacky personality (you will see them below) all photos came out natural. Same tip that we always say to our couples during shoots, “allow your natural personality to shine” either sweet, romantic, wacky, and shy it will be a great outcome to those pictures nor videos because it is YOU. No Awkward moments :)

Enjoy and Thanks for viewing their gallery

Watch the Save the Date Video

Save the Date / Wedding Teaser – Jon and Rachel from gian cayetano on Vimeo.

Watch their Wedding Music Video

Wedding Music Video – Jon and Rachel – November 17, 2013 from gian cayetano on Vimeo.

Jon and Rachel 16

Jon and Rachel 4

Jon and Rachel 18

Jon and Rachel 7

Jon and Rachel 8

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-5666

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-5680

Jon and Rachel 13

Jon and Rachel 2

Jon and Rachel 3

Jon and Rachel 25

Jon and Rachel 26

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-5844

Jon and Rachel 12

Jon and Rachel 15

Jon and Rachel 2

Jon and Rachel 23

Jon and Rachel 19

Jon and Rachel 20

Jon and Rachel 1

Jon and Rachel 22

Jon and Rachel 21

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-6301

Jon and Rachel 11

Jon and Rachel 14

Jon and Rachel 10

Jon and Rachel 17

Jon and Rachel 6

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-5906

Jon and Rachel 9

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-6018

Jon and Rachel 5

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-6147

Jon and Rachel 24

Jon and Rachel - PreWedding-5848

Jon and Rachel 4


Jon and Rachel 3



Jon and Rachel 2

During our shoot it rained so we took cover a bit :)










Jon and Rachel 5


Jon and Rachel




Some Behind the scenes

we are still using first generation Aerials Here :) (2013) We are using our custom made hexacopter. You can check our our Aerial Facebook Page at



Pictorial in the middle of the road :), remember, Safety First! before taking that shot :)


onboard at the back of the BMW X1 for those motorcycle ride shots


Some video shoot BTS :)




We took dinner at Mang Vic’s Bulalo, The famous and delicious bulalo in Rizal.



Thanks for viewing :)

Wedding Photos will be uploaded soon :)

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